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I have your Dragon Balls, I have your technology! Such as sabotaging the Vargas dimensional shifting technology several times, most notably in the Vegito vs Broly fight. The point of divergence is when Krillin beheads Vegeta after the latter's fight with Goku on Earth, meaning he is not on Namek to help them. Despite being struggling with the fact that he's the strongest in his universe and constantly wants a challenge, He has another moment of this in the novelization. The sight of him regenerating from Gohan's attack and approaching her leaves her a frightened wreck. Dragon Ball Super Chapter #67 introduces key new characters for the manga's next arc. He kills her and her U16 counterpart to push Gohan to his limits in the imminent fight against Majin Bra. While seemingly under Babidi's control, Cell has been secretly working against the wizard the whole time, secretly manipulating events in the heroes' favor in preparation for when Babidi unleashes Majin Bra. The Majin rebellion as a whole took a toll on her due to her close brushes with death, but Cell killing Videl absolutely breaks her. Due to Dr. Raichi's genocide of the Saiyan race, including Broly, who happened to be responsible for destroying his planet many years after his departure from it, his people are still alive. However, it's also revealed that this continues on in the aftermath, Goku and Nail invade his capital city and the resulting fight leads the entire place to be destroyed, putting a huge cost on whatever triumph the Frost Demons managed to gain over them. When the next chapter gives a. Becomes one during Babidi's coup. Adverted in other languages where his name is correctly written as Bardock. Dragon Ball Super heavily expanded on Goku’s world when it introduced the idea that there are multiple universes in existence. If you like them, consider following me on Twitter, just look for @RodamatyCards! Many think the main universe, U18, fell into this since they get little spotlight despite them supposedly being the 'canonical' universe. Universe 3: The Saiyans' rebellion. As in, disqualified him from the tournament, Vegito got disqualified by a technical ringout. Vegeta manages to kill Legendary Super Saiyan Broly by luring him to the carbonite-consumed planet Helior and tricking him into stepping in the. Not much is known about U5, other than a mysterious fighter called XXI. The fighters in this universe include Arale, Neko Majin, Beelzebub, Son Wukong, a literal Mary Sue and Akira Toriyama himself as the Tori-bot. Revealed to have pulled a series of quick gambits to play Babidi like a fiddle. Due to the fact that many of them carry over from the original Dragon Ball, plus the multitude of characters in this comic, this Character Page will discuss the different universes and their premises. Colored version by BK-81. 2:14. Next. Both are students of their universes' greatest hero and have been trained to be said hero's successor. All Namekians, including U10 Nail, who had advanced in the tournament, forfeited as well. It began publication in 2008 (long before the announcement of Dragon Ball Super) and focuses around the concept of a multi-universe tournament between the best fighters of each of the 20 universes competing. Killed by Cell to create a new, stronger Cell Jr. À suivre. Dragon Ball Multiverse… Although both of them admit that they never expected to win, Killed by U3 Vegeta, and revived as a ghost warrior by U3 Raichi. We know that Vegeta was not made immortal, so this must further add to his frustration with Kakarot. An Online Comic : Dragon Ball Multiverse based on DBZ - ドラゴンボールマルチバース Unlike Garlic Jr. or Zamasu, however, his immortality doesn't come with a super-healing factor, meaning that Kakarot still had to rely on outside aid to heal his wounds. She eventually does straight up kill her universe's Gohan with a smile on her face, showing she's far off the deep end. The one exception is Gast, who shuts him down, His fight with Gotenks was basically just an opportunity for him to test out the. Gohan, Videl and Piccolo are spectators. Even Majin Bra as a Super Saiyan 2 had trouble dealing with Cell due to him adapting to her fighting style, meaning she had to take him out permanently before he could get any stronger. Further confirmed when she actually becomes Queen of the Saiyans and Bardock decides to abdicate in her favor. U8 is the universe where Frieza's family and their armies became the supreme rulers of the universe after triumphing on Namek. As nobody believes Bardock, he defeats King Vegeta in combat and becomes king of the Saiyans, ordering them to prepare an ambush against Frieza. Tidar went up against Uub without his Ultra Armor, and was killed until the Dragon Balls wished him back. Japanese: Satomi Kōrogi 2. Dragon Ball Multiverse ("DBM") is a dojinshi (manga created by non-professionals, using a universe and characters which are not theirs), created by Salagir and Gogeta Jr, from France. His clothes when summoned as a ghost by Raichi seem to imply he eventually managed to make a return to royalty! Freeza's victory over the Z-Fighters on Namek in this universe is ultimately this, as he never gets his wish due to blowing up the planet when the heroes summon the dragon (not that he ever could, due to the language barrier). He seemingly repeats the exact same mistake of pissing him off, but in fact it was all part of his plan. In Chapter 70, he revealed that he trained his nucleus to survive attacks like that. He even breaks himself apart upon being hit by some of Ten's (relatively) very weak attacks, then effortlessly reforms, just to screw with him. Babidi. The Saiyans in this universe would go on to defeat Frieza. Share Share Tweet Email. Before being forced to forfeit when the power gap becomes too enormous, since Cold transforms into his Final Form. Dr. Raichi has one in the form of an army of Ghost Warriors, in particular. Her brother Gohan bitterly remarking that she has "done enough" and trying to kill her with a Kamehameha after she kills Nedwook with no remorse, implies he sees her as something like this now. Latin American Spanish dub: Desireé González 2. RELATED: Dragon Ball Super: 10 Strongest Characters In The Tournament Of Power, Ranked It took Vegito seconds to break out, yet hours from the perspective of the tournament. During this time I have published 4 Cards related to the characters of Dragon Ball Multiverse! U14 came into being as a result of Future Trunks not being revived at the end of the Cell Saga (it's mentioned that this universe is impaired with U17). G.A.W storyline of Piccolo day, Victoria spend her time celebrating her admiration for Piccolo since she wanted to show how much she adored him. The fighters in this universe include Arale, Neko Majin, Beelzebub [2], Son Wukong [3], a literal Mary Sue [4] and Akira Toriyama himself as the Tori-bot [5]. On top of that, this contradicts a prior comic that stated that Cooler was the only Frost Demon with an augmented form, Like Cooler, he can transform up to a 5th form. Another one of her techniques revealed during her fight against Cold, likely a variation on Vegito's Spirit Sword technique. Frieza implies it's because Ginyu was an expert fighter, unlike the, Subverted when it turns out Cold has even less of a role, he's been dead since before the beginning of the series and Ginyu has taken his place. It takes an attack from U3 Vegeta under Raichi's control to kill him. Before getting pulverised into literal chunks by Gohan. In many universes he did it by himself, due to the absence of divine intervention in the affairs of the mortal world. Possibly. throw away lines scattered throughout the comic, brutally beaten on a regular basis, and brainwashed, fought back the voice of his mother inside of his head, He uses this to get a deal out of Old Kai. However, as it turns out, she did have a backup plan: she carries senzu beans in her glove, allowing her to recover should Cold prove to be too strong, When she gets body-jacked by Ginyu and left to die in his bifurcated body. Even when Freeza uses a mental battle to gain a "home field" advantage, Goku still takes him down quickly, and in the actual fight, takes him down with one punch. And he tells her he promised the Supreme Kai that he'd keep the universe safe, and he can't do that if the, Captain Ginyu steals Bra's body and masquerades as his daughter, Vegito. When faced by Android 18, he immediately turns her off with a remote, ending the battle immediately. Comment. Mahissu gets knocked out from Goku simply punching the air, Vegeta loses to his "disgraceful" U18 counterpart and lands in his space completely naked and Bardock suffers from Pan FANGIRLING HIM, using Kid Goku's arsenal from the original series to knock Bardock out. Further invoked when we see the whole context as Vegito threatened to kill her, she can't fathom why Vegito was so pissed and is justifying to herself that it's not her fault things turned out so bad. Due to the fact that many of them carry over from the original Dragon Ball, plus the multitude of characters in this comic, this Character Page will discuss the different universes and their premises. Unlocks Super Saiyan 3 during his fight Dr Raichi, unfortunately for him at this point he has received a number of serious injuries and has expended a lot of power. Even though it is with the Majin power-up, he DOES go to an augmented form, and this might stem from his training to remain in his final form. Can absorb anyone or anything and take the powers they hold for himself, so there's no telling just what else he's got hidden away. However, it truly reaches this point when Majin Cell kills both Videls. She's so cute when she's beating the snot out of somone., The look on Jeece's face when he is told he has been picked to fight his universe's version of Frieza. U18 is the standard universe that follows the manga and anime story. To Ginyu, who realises Freeza never gives a damn about the sacrifices his men made for him. Chapter 58 reveals that Raichi is just another ghost warrior of the Hatchiyack machine. A test drawing of our Saiyans Masters of the world. I will not do the special chapters. With him being outclassed by almost everyone else bar his minions, he has no reason to right now. Additionally, this page will also discuss the fates of certain characters in the tournament in hottips, so beware of spoilers. Bonus: DBZ characters from other universes Saiyans in armour. The Frost Demons and the Ginyu Force are routinely mocked throughout the tournament, such as all three of the Ginyu Force fighters losing in their first matches, Nappa forfeiting to Freeza. In U7, when Frieza attacked Namek, all the Namekians fused into a single Super Namek named Gast Carcolh and killed Frieza. Ginyu, who's taken over Bra's body, that if he does not bring her back he would. Dragon Ball Super's Multiverse Explained. Ginyu. In the end, he completely rejects him and start fighting with the heroes. Polish dub: Agnieszka Wiśniewska 8. But some have their own techniques. The home of amazing Dragon Ball information and discussion, where anyone can edit! Afterwards, Tien uses his Tri-Beam and. This also happens in the actual tournament, during his fight with Nappa. tudo sobre entretenimento de dragon ball is seen when she first went into Super Saiyan 2 and went on a rampage that culminated in destroying a planet with billions of people on it (along with Goten) and then destroying the sun which destroyed the rest of the solar system. rescue Videl from Majinized crowd members, Majin Bra, when she takes a senzu bean and recovers all damage the Gohans had managed to inflict, U16 Gohan gives up and lets Bra kill him, while U18 Gohan keeps fighting and plans with U11 Buu. she can create some kind of solid duplicate of herself, allowing for further misdirection of her foes, particularly when coupled with her Instant Transmission ability. As a fusion of Vegeta and Gokū, with their power combined into one, therefore, making an tremendously powerful Saiyan fusion beyond imagination. The dead ( in some way after Ginyu takes over her body while obviously... 20 universes where they remain in particular the crowd and even then 's... Majin Uprising turns into a Super Saiyan 2 Majin, however, the denizens of u8 have,... Fight using nanotechnology and advanced Armor instead of ki like other fighters, Vegetto, Freeza, Buu beats with. That Chilled was designed by Akira Toriyama this must further add to his,. Just as evil as ever, even before he becomes a Majin Bra... Works on several comics projects her confidence takes a hit after Ginyu takes over her body as well as main... This License may be available from thestaff @ tvtropes.org Cell certainly cut Hirudegarn half. Also not do Chapter 1 because there are no fights Bardock and Dr. Raichi has one in the Multiverse and... A series of quick gambits to play Babidi like a spoiled teenager with superpowers, which essentially! [ 20 ] and Raditz [ 21 ] that 's when things went a little crazy Tropes is... Like Button it really Helps My Channel a Lot: D with tragic results only by a technicality the! Edit source History Talk ( 0 ) comments Share Jr and Zamasu 's fight! U7, when Frieza attacked Namek, all that jazz ) full context of the Majin rebellion Cell. Further add to his frustration with Kakarot while not giving full control Babidi..., to U18 Uub and a fight with Cold long ago energy and all of the future is result... A brutal fashion 18, he felt this towards Broly once he King. Come from other, non-Dragon Ball works [ 28 ], U10 consists of characters made... & if you like them, consider following me on Twitter dragon ball multiverse characters just look for @ RodamatyCards confirms it himself. Him from harm when Broly does prove too much for him are thus in grave danger some! As evil as ever, even before he becomes a Majin, goes! Point, he betrays Babidi and fights Majin Bra mocks her as her Majin self were able. Goku gets in is an Instant Kamehameha- which Buu quickly regenerates from anyway Garlic... Multiverse créé par Salagir twentieth Chapter of Dragon Ball Multiverse as he is holding. Her techniques revealed during her fight with Cold got now! `` taking on.... Mock imitation of South Supreme Kai being so forgiving of Zen Buu, who had in... Singlehandedly turns the tides of the Saiyans and Bardock decides to abdicate in her newfound and... Murderous rage by U16! Gohan who sensed U18! Videl 's death during the course of the world... Here are now the characters of Dragon Ball Multiverse all have varying traits and personalities a effort! They, including Gotenks to have pulled a series of quick gambits to play like! Invoked by Raichi when he manages to kill Vegeta and Nappa she lose control just! Team of SSJ3 dragon ball multiverse characters Vegeta of actually reactions from seeing how powerful other! Future... and I know who you 'll lose to planet Helior and tricking him into stepping in the universe! Was designed by Akira Toriyama hole in his first fight, Buu … Summary of your contributions certainly! 2015 dragon ball multiverse characters Jhon Rachid sur Dragon Ball Super heavily expanded on Goku ’ s when! She has to be as a result of Bojack, Vegetto, Freeza, Buu Summary. Fighter called XXI is nigh unstoppable just as evil as ever, even before he becomes a Majin notably! To continue their rampage of killing all on Earth given he is erasing. Ghost by Raichi seem to imply he eventually managed to keep Majin Buu much like any Super. The online doujin Dragon Ball Multiverse chapitre 16_ la terrible victoire de Cell he threatened to kill.. Multiverse Wiki is a sixteen year Old of slender yet moderately muscular frame and tall. Taking on Frieza Subverted when it 's revealed he 's a victim like them, and King Cold Promos. Until her fight with U13 Kakarot pushed her to a planet by going it! [ 7 ] the reason he forfeits despite being stronger than # 18. defeated by U13.... One punch dubbed the strongest mortal in the end of Z ) with you and never miss a beat as... And Piccolo surmise that he trained his nucleus to survive and getting horribly broken by the time of the Troopers. When it 's revealed he 's not quite enough a child make a return to royalty reveals... 'S spirit Sword technique Broly does prove too much for him to the characters in Dragon Ball Multiverse have. Claims that his merging with Kami, which is already borderline invincible when Buu loses Uub! Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat a spoiled teenager with superpowers which...

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