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Also, the value of a company name, brand or organization affirms their respectability. Operating in isolation, reinventing the wheel, and simply not being sure of the best course of action or common practices in an industry can be sources of frustration. Such contacts can be invaluable when searching for a new position or to expand an existing practice. It might be the most cynical of reasons to join, but there's no doubt that membership of a respected organization is seen as a plus by prospective employers. "The old adage, 'it's who you know,' still proves to be true, and getting out there and involved with professional organizations can be very beneficial to both your personal and professional growth.". (Many also offer formal online courses. The leading professional organization for Healthcare Administrative Management, the AAHAM is one of the most important connections for healthcare management professionals to have. As the saying goes, “you reap what you sow,” and professional associations commonly offer opportunities to do volunteer work of many kinds. Additionally, a professional organization is usually active in lobbying legislative bodies for laws that are favorable to its members. "When an employer reviews your resume in viewing your professional involvement, it shows that you're capable of multitasking work, life, and extra activities," Van der Knaap said. In most cases, these feature educational sessions where members and other attendees can listen to, ask questions of, and converse with subject matter experts on a particular topic, and learn in depth about successes, failures, and lessons learned. 3. Networking. ", © 2020 Concorde Career Colleges. What are people like me doing to succeed? When attending meetings or receiving emails, new advances are always being discussed, or different ways to do things. Nursing professional organizations, such as the ANA, the CNA, the Australian College of Nurses (CAN), and the United Kingdom’s Royal College of Nurses, represent nurses on policy issues and can engage nurses to be politically active at the national and international levels. Individuals certainly and obviously can benefit from professional education. You may have access to the organization’s database of available jobs, or learn of jobs before they’re officially posted by talking with colleagues working for other companies. "They keep the member up to date on new technologies, research, etc. According to the American Nurses Association (ANA) “…professional development is a vital phase of lifelong learning in which nurses engage to develop and maintain competence, enhance professional nursing practice, and support achievement of career goals” (2010). This is especially valuable for individuals working as the only employee who has a specific role at the company. Q1: The value of professional organizations and the role they play within a profession. Associations allow members a variety of benefits ranging from access to conferences, educational opportunities, online forums and man… Please visit the campus page nearest you to see our on ground health care options. Being able to share experiences and information with others in a similar line of work is the most common reason people join—and remain members of—professional associations. HDI research shows that more than 77 percent of organizations value individuals with certifications even if they do not require it, while less than nine percent of organizations do not perceive value to certifications. "Professional organizations are an excellent resource to utilize when you are job searching as they are typically filled with like-minded individuals in various levels of their careers.". When I sat down for boards, I felt more than adequately prepared. 3. PAHCOM (Professional Association of Health Care Office Management) is a smaller organization than is the MGMA, and also offers an annual conference as well as educational and certification opportunities, and has local chapters in some states. Values need to be lived – starting at the top. Belonging to a group increases the odds t… You can also find a mentor, or become one, or both. By staying on top of the most relevant associations, Healthcare Management Students and Professionals can stay abreast of changes, reform, as well as connect with others in the field. HDI’s own certifications rank second only to Microsoft’s among those identified as most important by survey respondents. Your association with the brand sends the message that you are serious about your profession, … The association may realize tangible financial benefits from providing training, in addition to the intangible benefits garnered by demonstrating a degree of parity with other associations, such as those for accounting, financial management, and architecture. ), and often a way to communicate rapidly (directories, email listservs, etc.). "There is also the benefit of networking opportunities. The benefits of education, training, and certification to your organization are manifold. Local chapter or group meetings also afford opportunities for learning, since many are based around a presentation by a guest speaker or member, or perhaps a roundtable discussion on a topic of common interest. Would you fly on a plane with a pilot who “really knows what she’s doing,” but isn’t certified or rated for that type of aircraft? Having a certificate may not make you any smarter, but it does demonstrate a certain level of dedication to and knowledge about your profession. Photo courtesy of CMPRSA Keeping up with current changes in the field is vital for success and increased job security. button, I provide my signature and consent to receive text messages and telephone calls from Concorde Career Colleges via automated technology at the mobile telephone number I have provided. While that might appear too broad a definition, thinking about your career encompasses your home life and what is commonly called “work/life balance,” your present and future at your workplace, opportunities for advancements and changes, and all the actions you take to succeed. the American Organization for Nursing Leadership) or offer leadership education opportunities. “I think it’s an amazing school. American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL) is a professional organization that unites around 17,000 landmen and land-related persons through professional development and service. Many associations encourage members to perform volunteer work outside their field as well, such as tutoring students, serving on advisory boards, and doing community service. Professional Association of Traditional Healers. Being able to share experiences and information with others in a similar line of work is the most common reason people join—and remain ... Education. Do you have a Bachelor's Degree in a health care field? By providing opportunities for … Members of professional organizations are often given discounts in obtaining online CEs, newsletters, review materials and many more. Active membership can help in career training and keeping current with trends and developments in your field. There is no reason the IT support professional should treat themselves any different[ly] from doctors, lawyers, or accountants.” —Kirk Weisler. The association often provides the means for people to meet in person (conferences, conventions, and local meetings), a home for information online (websites, discussion boards, blogs, forums, etc. 1331 Vine Sreet Denver, CO 80206 (303) 478-5847 Email: [email protected] We share information/benchmarks and have created a communication network that is private, confidential and free from commercial … They also advocate for the profession and … If you put the work in, your success is almost guaranteed.”. We're sorry - you do not appear to meet the prerequisites for this program. I'll get this one out of the way first. Kindall added that putting yourself in general proximity with your peers who work in health care careers will likely lead to various networking opportunities, such as events, conferences, and meetings, where you can share insight into your industry as well as hiring trends, company news and other valuable information. But, especially when it comes to exploring opportunities for health care careers, affiliations with professional organizations or associations can prove invaluable in pushing a job application over the top in the eyes of prospective employers. Finding others who have faced the same challenges can be a relief. How to Respectfully Challenge Processes and Ideas, Tech Trend: Collaboration Is the New [Insert Shiny Object]. You may also be eligible for tuition discounts and/or educational scholarships offered by the association as a value … As a bonus, you can look forward to being one of the people in the office who just always knows what’s going on in th… It also shows a prospective employer that you're capable of more than just what the job itself calls for. As a member of an association, you receive discounted prices on just about every product or service offered by that association, and quite often just one product, course, or conference admission pays back more than you spend on an individual membership. I understand that I am not required to enter into this agreement as a condition of any purchase. • Professional associations are critical for advancing water and sanitation! "Professional organizations are an excellent resource to utilize when you are job searching as they are typically filled with like-minded individuals in various levels of their careers." In addition, he has both frontline and management experience. Operations can be improved and streamlined, and solutions found more quickly and easily, by mining collective knowledge than by individual research. "I personally have developed several professional relationships in both online groups and local groups and have been connected with positions and employment opportunities that I otherwise might not have known about," she said. Employers like to be represented in the field. It is clear that staying connected with other Healthcare Managers is necessary to further your career as a Healthcare Manager or Administrator. A section of the professional association is devoted to updating members about these changes. The first is simply simple statistics – by joining, you have the option of meeting or interacting with more people than if you did not. Roy Atkinson is HDI’s senior writer/analyst. By visiting the websites listed below, you should be able to determine the cost, benefits and steps required to join professional groups related to healthcare administration. First year dues are $195 ($145 in subsequent years). All rights reserved. Many professional organizations are dedicated to leadership (i.e. Financial Benefit. Being active in a professional organization demonstrates a willingness to participate and work in a group, which can help your job search chances. With some professional organizations, you can gain hands-on experience such as volunteering, according to Danielle Van der Knaap, BA, Graduate Employment Specialist at Concorde - San Antonio. Your membership will likely also include some deliverables (such as journals or magazines) at no extra cost, as well as access to studies and reports that would otherwise cost hundreds of dollars or more. Learning new skills, techniques, methods, and/or theories through professional development helps keep the organization at the top of its field and makes the employee's job more interesting and exciting. ", Zane Wilson, MBA, CPC, Director of Student Affairs at Concorde's campus in Portland, Ore., said, "Most professional organizations distribute regular publications regarding changes to legislation, practices or professional items of interest. These interactions can lead to job offers, training, and more. The ANA is one of more than 100 national nursing organizations (Matthews, 2012). Values … Organization websites often have message boards where members seek consultation or feedback from peers on unique job circumstances or challenges. All other things being equal, most organizations would choose a certified candidate over an uncertified candidate, even if certification isn’t expressly required for a position. Values need to be operationalized. Your company can demonstrate that it has “qualified pilots” by having staff that are properly trained and certified according to the independent standards and requirements of a professional association. As Kirk Weisler wisely points out, all respect starts with self-respect. Being a part of and working in professional organization have many advantages. usually charitable or nonprofit organizations that seek to further the importance of a specific profession and their members Event Calendar View All Events. Career Development. It also allows you to build your own personal brand, Kindall said. ), Of all the definitions of career development I’ve seen, the simplest and most direct is provided by the National Career Development Week website: “Career development is the process of managing your life, learning, and work.”. "Having professional affiliations can be used as keywords," said Liane Pardo-Mansfield, Director of Student Affairs at Concorde Career Institute - Orlando, Fla. "It also gives more credence to your background and character as most organizations have a code of ethics by which you have to abide to remain in good standing. Most professional associations offer some type of training, education, and/or certification, and consider it one of their key missions. "But I believe you take away from being more empowered with knowledge," Van der Knaap said. Market Size & Industry Statistics. Gathering knowledge accelerates your ability to do your job and become a candidate for promotion and increased responsibility. The Value of Professional Associations. He also serves as the chapter advisor for the HDI Northern New England local chapter. You can serve on committees, fill a local chapter officer position, contribute written articles or papers, speak at conferences or meeting, and become a representative of your profession. Danielle Homic is a student practitioner at Martin Waymire and a senior at Michigan State University majoring in advertising with a minor in public relations. Clear and compelling mission, vision and values statements define the organization, by communicating why the organization exists (mission), where the organization is going

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