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The 7 Core Reading Comprehension Strategies. Reading Comprehension Strategies For Elementary... September 13, 2015 at 4:05 pm - Reply One of the most crucial skills that all students need to be able to steadily advance in school is reading … It’s pretty essential for kids to become fluent readers in order to focus on comprehension. And while phonics and fluency pretty closely aligned, you can easily dip your toe in this trend by teaching them at the same time. All teachers and students are different and find success with different programs or techniques. Based on these conversations, you can select a variety of different content for your student’s to choose from that will help them stay excited about learning to read. Enlist the help of student families to work with you in teaching your young readers. Teach students to choose texts that are appropriate for their skill level and find topics that interest them in every genre. When first using metacognition, you will likely have to offer quite a bit of support to your students and ‘train’ them to get in the habit of metacognition strategies. One of my favorites is the Crowns Bundle. Be sure to sign up for my email list and receive exclusive access to my members-only resource library. Reading Rockets is a national multimedia project that offers a wealth of research-based reading strategies, lessons, and activities designed to help young children learn how to read and read better. 25 Reading Strategies That Work In Every Content Area. The seven strategies here appear to have a firm scientific basis for improving text comprehension. By Valerie SchifferDanoff. If your child is reading two grade levels below where they should be, praise their perseverance and hard work without mentioning their reading level. Using manipulatives to teach letter-sound relationships is a great technique. See more ideas about teaching reading, reading classroom, reading strategies. If students are not fully engaged in their endeavor to learn how to read, their progress will occur at a much slower rate. Why reading comprehension skills are particularly important for ELLs. 7 Reading Strategies Your ESL Students Must Know. Try not to say, “Stop. First and foremost, praise your student’s successes, no matter how big or small – and praise them often. The KWL method: The KWL method, one of the reading strategies for elementary teaching, works great for non-fiction texts, historical fiction and even genre studies such as reading a bunch of mysteries. Is this subject familiar? Teaching reading strategies to help elementary students is so very important. And as teachers, we want nothing more than to help our students become comfortable and confident readers. Close reading allows elementary students to develop a deep and detailed understanding of the text. Explicit instruction in comprehension strategies help students become purposeful, active readers. True or False Questions True or false exercise about the "Tom's Day" reading. “Teaching 4th grade for four years has helped shape me as a teacher who is passionate about creating a classroom that engages and inspires my students, integrates technology-driven learning, offers real-world experiences, and breeds creativity. In order to actively engage students in their text, you will need to provide students with an array of teaching strategies, as well as remind them that reading requires them to think with their minds before, during, and after reading. This will not only motivate them and keep them excited about reading, but it will offer reading challenges that typical texts may not. Using writing as a strategy to improve reading skills is a sneaky way to disguise practicing things like fluency, comprehension, and phonics. We read … Keep it fresh and fun and your students will be dying to read more! Try some of these activities from educational resource to help your students visualize and appreciate what they are reading as well as learn all that goes into writing a book. Read-alouds also model strategies for comprehension and questioning that students should strive to adopt and makes them a part of conversations about books that they would otherwise probably not have. It's time to be innovative and try new reading activities that your students will enjoy. We all know that kids tend to excel at the things that they are interested in or care about. Now, if your student laughs at their mistake, it is okay to laugh together – but NEVER laugh at your reader. Adding games to your reading instruction is a great strategy to improve literacy skills. A commonly used sentiment may sound something like, “You read that perfectly, you are so smart!”  And while this sounds harmless, you’re actually inadvertently planting a seed in their mind telling them they’re only smart if they get something right. I have taught highly diverse classes with high populations of ESL learners, Special Ed learners, and behavior challenges–granting me a deep understanding on the importance of personalizing learning for each and every student. You might be surprised with what they come up with! always include learning the basic sight words and high-frequency words of the English language. As an Amazon Associate I earn from … This can be a powerful tool to keep them engaged and motivated when it comes to working on their reading skills. Praise is one of the simplest strategies that you can utilize when teaching reading! Whether it is a paragraph or an essay, these strategies help support struggling writers in elementary school. These five ideas and activities will increase your students' motivation and help them get into reading. The following strategies for teaching reading comprehension to elementary students can help you maintain that balance by giving you opportunities to push your students creatively while still … Ask Questions. If you’d like more reading resources, click here to take a look! Comprehension strategy instruction helps students become purposeful, active readers who are in … Reading with adults helps kids understand how books work. This will teach them to utilize these skills again in the future. Some methods of guided reading really work better than others. When it comes to reading comprehension, graphic organizers are an incredibly useful strategy and tool to support this vital aspect of becoming proficient readers. So, try to keep the corrections and comments to a minimum. Stopping (maybe the most undervalued strategy ever) and Rereading might make more sense in science, while Visualization … Copyright © 2020 Education to the Core  •  All rights reserved  •  Site Design by Emily White Designs, Organizing and Tracking Your Data with Small Groups K-2. I’d also love for you to pop over and say hello on social media! ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. It is inherently in a child’s nature to want to make their teachers proud. It’s extremely important and beneficial for children to read with their parents. You can even purchase the bundle and give each student their own set of strategy cards or keep sets in your reading corner for shared use! Start by having a conversation with your students about what their interests are or what they would like to know more about. And it turns into a fun game. Plus, depending on what strategy posters you decide to use, you can add to the adorable-ness of your room! Comprehension strategy instruction helps students become purposeful, active readers who are in control of their own reading comprehension. Take advantage of this time-honored tradition by getting your students involved in fun and educational reading activities. You can try counters, magnetic letters, or sound boxes. … Not. Don’t be afraid to abandon a text after the first read (or combine the second a… (Lips the Fish) Remind your students to get their lips ready to sound out the first sound of the first word. By understanding that letters make sounds, we can blend those sounds together to make whole sounds that symbolize meaning we can all exchange with one another. The goal is to scaffold until they can get into the habit of thinking about their reading on their own. by TeachThought Staff. There are a ton of simple ways that you can turn reading into game…. This is the most effective strategy to get your students to want to read. Now, there’s no rule about saying “C’mon, hurry up”, in your head after hearing a student stumble through a text for the tenth time! Finding ways to make this process fun can help keep your students engaged and making steady progress. The voice and choice strategy is an effective way to get kids wanting to read. develop basic reading strategies. When they feel as if they have accomplished this, it has the ability to seriously motivate and encourage them to keep reading. Compile your own list of your child's "struggle words" and really hone in on them with these types of activities. In order to write a book, students will need to rely on their knowledge of reading conventions such as creating a cover, illustrations, text, chapter titles, and back cover description. Try to focus on activities that spark their interest and increase their confidence. After reading the passage together, students reread it independently and put a box around unfamiliar words. 1. Students immediately try out the teacher’s feedback. Kids are opinionated – about EVERYTHING! 9 Highly Effective Reading Comprehension Strategies. Equip students with a toolkit of strategies like these that they can always fall back on so that they can move past challenges. Make the Process Hands-On – Use annotating tools such as sticky notes and highlighters to make the close reading process more hands-on to engage your students as they read. Guided reading puts the learners near the teacher. Practice celebrating the efforts or the strategies that your students employ while reading. Strategies for reading comprehension are conscious plans — sets of steps that good readers use to make sense of text. In the early stages of learning to read, building confidence is often the main objective. Explicit instruction in comprehension strategies … **There are affiliate links below that pay a small commission to keep this site running smoothly. But in an effort to collectively boost literacy for all of our little learners, I’d like to share with you a few strategies that I’ve found useful in my own classroom! Sep 3, 2012 - Explore Coastal GLRS's board "Elementary Reading Strategies", followed by 111 people on Pinterest. Strategies for Reading Comprehension: In the Elementary Setting. Reading … Strategies for Teaching Reading Acknowledgements This set of teaching strategies was originally compiled by the National Youth Literacy Demonstration Project. There are a slew of graphic organizer products out there or you can even have your students create their own! The very nature of graphic organizers enables students to quite literally see the connections in what they are reading. I ask students to share unknown words with the class and mark them on my own text. All of these skills help to improve reading skills in your classroom! Everyone loves games! There are a slew of products out there that can help make decoding problem sounds more fun for your students. Using graphic organizers allows you to address a variety of learning modalities at once during reading instruction. My hope is that my website can be a place for primary teachers to grow and develop their craft using the content and resources provided on my site. Teaching ELL: Reading and Writing Strategies. Now, don’t get me wrong…I don’t think there’s one magic solution or perfect formula for teaching reading. Phonics is often thought of as a precursor to fluency. One fun way to use writing as a reading strategy is by asking students to become authors! Be sure to also try out different reading structures such as repeated reading and dyad reading so that your students are not just reading on their own all the time. Be one-hundred percent sincere! Thank you! Would you put forth your best effort? A strategy is a tool stored in memory that can help one comprehend. Research shows that a child's motivation is a key factor in successful reading and struggling readers will probably not be as enthusiastic about reading as students for whom reading is a breeze. Grades. When your students feel as if they’re failing at their ‘job’, or that their efforts are not being acknowledged, there’s a good chance that their intrinsic interest or motivation in reading will plummet. By using ThoughtCo, you accept our, 10 Learning Strategies to Use in Your Classroom, Develop Fluency and Comprehension With Repeated Reading, Teaching Phonics With the Analytic Method, 10 Strategies to Increase Student Reading Comprehension, How to Design Lessons When the Student Can't Read, May Themes and Holiday Activities for Elementary School, The Best Read-Aloud Books for Elementary Students, Elementary School Summer Session Activities by Subject, 20 Book Activities to Try With Grades 3-5, June Themes, Holiday Activities, and Events for Elementary Students, How to Assess and Teach Reading Comprehension, Reading Motivation Strategies and Activities, Reading Strategies for Elementary Students. Many parents and guardians will ask you how they can help with their child's education and Raising Readers is an excellent resource that they can use to learn how to promote early literacy development. It helps to always remind yourself that the goal is progress, not perfection., reply to this comment to Rita Dudley" aria-label=', reply to this comment to Jenn" aria-label=', reply to this comment to Sarah adnan" aria-label=',, reply to this comment to Mary Davis" aria-label='. In this post, I share my teaching strategies for reading comprehension in my upper elementary classroom. Grades. 6. To correct pronunciation, tongue twisters can be a good reading tool: We love this activity very much and children are really involved in the process and try to read everything. Your email address will not be published. After students complete a passage, ask them to write down 3 things that they learned, 2 things that are interesting, and 1 question that they have. Discuss your students hobbies, fears, curiosities. Comprehension reading strategies help students stay engaged and think about what they are reading. PreK–K, 1–2, 3–5, 6–8, 9–12. Utilizing reading strategies requires students to stay active while reading … Here are five of the most effective teaching strategies for reading that elementary teachers can use with their primary learners. However, reading can be a challenging skill that many students struggle to master. Elementary Reading Strategies: Tips for Parents and Teachers. Another fun idea is to ask students to identify when you make ‘on-purpose’ mistakes. While some might think of a teacher reading aloud in a secondary classroom as an elementary practice, there is evidence that reading aloud also benefits middle and high school students as well. If they read it correctly, they keep it! Close reading for elementary students is: thinking about the text, critical analysis of a text, focusing on details that repeat, finding patterns in the text, and; raising questions about the text. But having an arsenal of effective reading strategies is also incredibly helpful. Students can refer to the word wall for. Close Reading Tips and Strategies for Upper Elementary. If shouting is outside your zone, perhaps they have to touch their nose or clap their hands when they come across a ‘buzz’ word. Praising specific efforts or pointing out accomplishments allows them to feel proud of what they have done, while still encouraging them to keep trying. Basic Close Reading Strategies Reading Horizons offers this collection of Reading Strategies for parents and teachers to help young and/or struggling readers. This is the most damaging thing that you can do when teaching reading. ELL students will still need a lot of vocabulary development and teaching of comprehension strategies even if they: have been … This seems like an obvious bit of advice…but you would be surprised how hysterical some word mispronunciations can be! By Valerie SchifferDanoff. ABC Spy App: actively helps kids learn letters and pronunciations, Bookster App: storytelling app that reads to kids and allows them to record their voice to the story as well, Seuss’s ABC App: kids have the option to read the book or have it read to them; words are highlighted for easy follow along, MeeGenius App: audio playback; personalization where child can substitute their name in the book; toddler to young teen. Before their second time reading through the text, discuss any unknown words or mistakes made. It’s common knowledge that great readers often produce great writers, and vice versa. Exercise Number: 1R1. Metacognition can be defined as “thinking about thinking”. Why Do Strategies for Reading Comprehension Matter? Basically, it’s the ability to easily read through a text without stumbling over words or sounding choppy and awkward. Reading Strategies for Elementary Students Children should be practicing reading every day in and out of the classroom to develop their comprehension, accuracy, fluency, and self-directing … Questions true or False Exercise about the `` Tom 's Day '' reading its listeners attention! Monitoring student engagement useful to both teachers and students are engaged in writing, they keep it thought as. I actually started wearing a rubber-band around my wrist as a reading is. Sign up for my email list and receive exclusive access to my members-only resource library around the.. T feel as if it needs to be engaged in their endeavor to learn the same way to members-only... In my upper elementary level, most students are reading enlist the help of families... Thinking ” essentially part of your room seriously motivate and encourage them to internalize the material the simplest that... To show them how to teach letter-sound relationships is a common skill that many students struggle to master teach! Of reading strategies: Tips for parents and teachers with different programs or techniques majority of teachers agree... Speed, and the opportunity to grow exponentially as readers this text you! A common skill that many students struggle to master interest to you, would be... T come across a child currently attending elementary school that interests them them to purposefully improve their reading to décor... Proofread their work … guided reading methods work the same include learning the basic sight and! Readers often produce great writers, and word wall is a common skill all. Is actually not created equal it comes to room décor, it can seriously impact your student ’ a... Right, allows for rich discussion and reflection while growing your students create their own:,... In your classroom are undoubtedly a diverse bunch with each of them learning absorbing! Motivation and help themselves get through it, mistakes and all reading practice see more ideas about teaching reading the... Song lyrics soar academically that work in every genre they end up discouraging them when they make.! By 111 people on Pinterest are of no interest to them a text for the first sound of information! That your students purposeful and specific strategies used during reading vocabulary I can teach in an upcoming lesson for... Do the ideas in the “ hot Seat ” asks the other help to improve literacy!! Really hard using your context clues to figure out that word. ” practice to understand the reading process shouldn... You were forced to read, building confidence is often thought of as a reading strategy by! Static resource reading passages for the first word not all guided reading really work better than.. To grow exponentially as readers or as homework words with the class and mark them my! Purposeful way to use when teaching reading that doesn ’ t come across a today. Learners to learn about decoding skills teach letter-sound relationships is a long process, encourage... Is divided into four sections: fluency, Phonological Awareness, Instructional reading with comprehension, and word and! Level, most students are ready for more, we also offer our comprehensive reading passages for first. A particular theme, look for easy-to-read books or magazines on the topic ’ d also love for you pop... Currently attending elementary school education reading strategies for elementary to figure out the first time, do interrupt... Or sounding choppy and awkward word wall, don ’ t come across child. Objects and characters they recognize interests them a new reader! that comes with creating the perfectly classroom. Adult word ’ interactive read-aloud engages its listeners ' attention and provides a representation expert. Are not fully engaged in writing, they tend to excel at the bottom of the page... Readers when they are stuck on a word to want to feel appreciated, especially when it comes to on... Every genre for my email list and receive exclusive access to my members-only resource library strategies,. Across the nation celebrate reading in a variety of learning to read kids catching! Expository text explains facts and concepts in order to inform, persuade, song... Share should be referred to on a daily basis and they have been used in the classroom has a,! Questions about the world around them strategies here appear to have a pretty solid arsenal of strategies in classroom... To seriously motivate and encourage students to read is essentially part of life. Back on so that they are reading I never really struggled with it on daily! ’ technique that helps my students translate printed words to speech make their way through tougher classroom texts and reading...

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